Privacy Policy

The following terms and conditions are applicable between the user and Equiv. Upon signing up or creating an account with Equiv, you agree to the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will also be applicable to any intellectual property that Equiv or its subsidiaries publish/promote on their website, social media platforms or other relevant forums.

At Equiv, we respect your privacy and take every precaution necessary to protect it. Our website is enabled with state of the art technology to ensure that the database is intact and protected from any spyware/malware.

Equiv, its employees, and its subsidiaries do not involve in any forms of data trade and ensure that all the information collected from its users is used for the stated intended purpose.

Your information is used by us and our partner companies to assess the data you provided or to get in touch with you where a need for further communication arises.

By accepting the terms and conditions of our website you let your web browser plant a cookie from our website to track your interactions with the website.

In our attempts to grow our business and improve user experience, we have integrated Google analytics. As part of the agreement with GA, Google will plant a cookie of their own on your web browser to identify you as a unique individual/user visiting our website. This cookie can only be accessed by Google and no personal information of yours is transferred to Google for enabling this. However, Google will still have access to information on your IP address, geographical location, and usage history.

In cases where we are acquired by another firm or when we declare bankruptcy, all our assets physical and virtual will be transferred to the host and your information will be transferred too. In such circumstances, you could write to us at to remove your information from the database.

We are constantly updating our policies to ensure that your sensitive information is protected and any such change in the policy will be notified to you through our official channels of communication.