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Full-stack Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-8 yrs

java8, SpringBoot, nosql View more

corporate sales, pipeline management, microsoft office word excel powerpoint View more

spotfire, business algorithms, scenario planners View more

Senior Software Engineer

Delhi NCR 4-8 yrs

java, j2ee, spring View more

Engineering Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 10-14 yrs

data warehouse, sql, nosql View more

Quality Assurance Engineer - 2

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-5 yrs

software quality, product testing, sqa View more

UX/UI Designer

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 5-8 yrs

ux design, paper mocks, wireframes View more

finance, accounting, collections View more

Software Development Engineer - 2

Gurgaon/Gurugram 4-8 yrs

devops, ECS, AWS Lambda View more

Unity 3D Developer

Bengaluru 1-5 yrs

unity3d, unity, maya View more

Fullstack Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-8 yrs

python, go, javascript View more

design test plans, automate test cases, test execution View more

Account Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 0-3 yrs

accounts, communication skills, technical skills View more

Engineering Manager

Hyderabad 7-15 yrs

Engineering Leadership, data structures, algorithms

Procurement Manager – MRP

Bengaluru/Bangalore 4-5 yrs

inventory management, transportation, S and OP View more

General Sales Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-15 yrs

sales strategy, sale, sales routines View more

Senior Software Engineer – DevOps

Bengaluru/Bangalore 3-5 yrs

java, spring boot, j2ee View more

pyspark, full stack, mean stack View more

Client Success Specialist

Gurugram 8-12 yrs

client presentation, relationship skills, client training View more

Java-SSE / Technical Lead

Bengaluru 5-12 yrs

Core Java, design pattern, algorithm design View more

DevOps Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-5 yrs

python, perl, ruby View more

Product Manager –Risk

Hyderabad 1-5 yrs

payment gateways, risk analysis, kyc View more

Engineering Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-10 yrs

networking, web application development, dns View more


Pune 10-16 yrs

investment banking, data operations, asset management

Forward Engineers- SSE

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-8 yrs

cloud applications, java, python View more

Visual Designer

Hyderabad 0-3 yrs

graphic design software, adobe creative suite, flash View more

mssql, p1, p2 View more

banking, finance, analyse

Apps Systems Engineer 5

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-12 yrs

ETL design, data modeling, sql server View more

system design, contact routing, Computer Telephony Integration View more

sales operations, process improvement, technology View more

Data Architect

Pune 10-16 yrs

data architecture, technical architecture, data warehouse

Apps Systems Engineer 5

Hyderabad 9-12 yrs

architecture, UI, javascript View more

Apps Systems Engineer 6

Bengaluru/Bangalore 11-13 yrs

sdlc, java web services, application development View more

DevOps Lead

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-8 yrs

design architectural, azure, sql View more

Senior Developer - Imports

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-10 yrs

java, rest api, kafka View more

ML Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-8 yrs

spring boot, microservices, java View more

architecture, brd, fsd View more

Data Engineering Analyst – Big Data

Delhi NCR,Hyderabad 3-9 yrs

big data, Microservices Architecture, machine learning View more

JAVA Developer

Bengaluru 5-8 yrs

j2ee, core java, spring View more

business operations, client engagement, team management

Data Engineering

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-9 yrs

methodologies, design thinking, business process design View more

Apps Systems Engineer 6

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 13-18 yrs

ui, developement, reactjs View more

solution delivery, consulting, consulting engineering

Project Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-10 yrs

product management, development management, written and verbal communication abilities View more

Senior Software Engineer

Hyderabad 7-12 yrs

java, javascript, php View more

data structures, os, algorithmes View more

java, sql, rdbms View more

Front-End Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-8 yrs

front end developers, frontend, frontend development View more

Technical Architect

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 12-18 yrs

architectural technology, nosql, design analysis View more

chartered accountant, cpa, acca View more

analytical, modeling, python View more

Analyst-Data Analytics (DABM)

Gurugram/Chennai 2-5 yrs

building business algorithms, scenario planners, optimisation techniques View more

Scripting (Pyhton/Perl), Automation Testing, Networking Protocol

informatica, sql server, development View more

Control HQ, Liners, PnL accounts View more

Apps Systems Engineer 5

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 5-10 yrs

data modeling, data warehouse, technical analysis View more

java, spring, spring boot View more

Apps Systems Engineer 5

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-11 yrs

tableau, qlikview, ab initio View more

Data Scientist

Delhi NCR,Hyderabad 2-8 yrs

statistical analysis, python, R View more

Assistant Vice President - Transition

Hyderabad/Delhi-NCR 8-10 yrs

communication skills, verbal and written skills, client discussions View more

oracle applications, sql 2008, pl-sql View more

web developer, agile, architecture

ui design, ux, ux design

sql, tsql, psql View more

big data, hadoop, hdfs View more

Analyst - Development(Mainframe)

Gurgaon/Gurugram 3-5 yrs

cobol, ims, jcl View more

Solutions Engineer

Hyderabad 2-4 yrs

data processing, data warehouse, etl tools View more

consulting en management, customer facing roles, data mining View more

finance, accounting, rates View more

Software Engineer

Delhi NCR 2-4 yrs

java, j2ee, spring View more

Module Lead: UX/UI

Mumbai 8-10 yrs

user experience design, agile, scrum View more

customer service, listening skills, verbal communication skills View more

Oper Systems Engineer 5

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 10-15 yrs

splunk, unix administration, windows administration View more

ccm, negotiating skills, business process management View more

Site Core Developer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-10 yrs

content management system, sitecore, .NET View more

salesforce, cast iron, database applications

testing, manual testing, automation testing View more

delivery, delivery management, big data View more

oracle, pl/sql, informatica View more

Test Automation Engineer - GMS

Bengaluru/Bangalore 4-8 yrs

c#, java, javascript View more

Manager- MS Dynamics CRM

Bengaluru 10-15 yrs

dynamics crm, dynamics 365, ms dynamics CRM View more

accounting, accounting applications, accounting standards View more

analytic problem solving, mathematics, written and verbal communication abilities View more

professional development, Performance Development, Talent Management View more

Apps Systems Engineer 4

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 4-8 yrs

application development, implementation experience, mssql View more

Technical Manager, developer, Full stack View more

account, accounts payable, analytical skills View more

software development, salesforce, salesforce administrator

Software Engineer

Pune 8-14 yrs

core java, spring framework, java

Release Engineer/Scrum Master

Bengaluru/Bangalore 3-5 yrs

scrum master, agile methodolgy, linux View more

communication skills, product management, business analyst View more

business administration, banking, financial services

C++, java, .NET View more

developer, product control, java View more

developers, agile, agile development View more

perl, python, automation View more

Data Specialist

Gurugram 8-10 yrs

sql, tsql, plsql View more

Product Control

Pune 4-8 yrs

middle office, P&L, finance

Business Systems Consultant 4

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 8-12 yrs

capital markets, trading, settlements View more

chartered accountant, cisa, CIA View more

Senior Analyst - BI

Bengaluru/Bangalore 3-5 yrs

customer handling skills, written and oral presentation skills, customer dynamics View more

product development, product design, written and verbal communication abilities View more

Vice President - Solution Architect

Delhi/NCR ,Hyderabad ,Bangalore and Kolkata 8-13 yrs

fast paced environment, bpo business process outsourcing, F&A View more

Technical Writer

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 5-9 yrs

technical writing, technical documentation, software documentation View more

Manager - Development

Hyderabad/Bangalore 5-10 yrs

oop, java, C++ View more

Senior Business Consultant

Delhi NCR 11-15 yrs

Pre sales solutioning, us healthcare, business analysis View more

Senior DevOps Engineer

Bangalore, Gurgaon 7-15 yrs

security, scalability, devops View more

Territory Manager

Gurugram 3-15 yrs

consistent delivery, sales, contract compliance View more

Unix, SQL, python View more

Data Science Engineer

Hyderabad 0-3 yrs

java, python, data structures View more


Bengaluru,Hyderabad 11-15 yrs

software architecture, application architecture, java View more

Manager / Senior Manager - Data scientist

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-12 yrs

consultant, Solutioning, presales View more

Manager – Digital Initiatives

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-8 yrs

stakeholder engagement, strong delivery capability, drive innovation View more

Front Office Executive

Bengaluru, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, 1-6 yrs

front desk, front office development, front to back office View more

Architect - Java Full Stack

Gurugram/Hyderabad 11-15 yrs

big data, kafka, elasticsearch View more

automation tools, white box testing, grey box testing View more

Technology Lead - Sr.Data Engineer

Hyderabad, Chennai 7-9 yrs

java, scala, python View more

Senior Technology Specialist

Bengaluru/Bangalore, Hyderabad 7-10 yrs

application development, implementation, oracle View more

java, junit, mockito View more

devops, testing, automation

data center, data center infrastructure, data center management View more

Devops Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-8 yrs

devops, Microsoft Azure platform, automation tools View more

Engineering Manager

Hyderabad 10-13 yrs

java application development, data structures, algorithms View more

F&B Manager

Bangalore 7-12 yrs

food cost analysis, food hygiene, food industry View more

Axiom Developer

Pune 4-11 yrs

axiom, data source, data modeling View more

MS Dynamics CRM Developer

Bengaluru 1-5 yrs

dynamics crm, Dynamics 365

perl scripting, unix, sql View more

audits, relicensing, compliance audits View more

ui design, ux design, android

product manager, fraud analysis, risk management View more

project management, technical knowledge, accounts receivable

operations, communication skills

api development, api testing, saas View more

automation, automation testing, automation tools View more

Java Developer

Gurgaon/Gurugram 5-8 yrs

change management, jsp, bootstrap View more

System Business Analyst

Delhi NCR,Hyderabad 3-9 yrs

data modeling, etl, sql View more

Linux, python, nagios View more

finance, accounting, SGNA View more

Test Consultant

Pune 3-9 yrs

marketing, reporting, analytics View more

project management, data governance, planning advice

Apps Systems Engineer 4

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-8 yrs

python, vb script, shell scripting View more

Senior Technical Architect

Delhi NCR,Bengaluru,Hyderabad 11-15 yrs

salesforce, crm, architecture View more

java, spring, hibernate View more

finance, accounting, cost reporting View more

devops, testing, automation testing View more

HCM, hr administration, human resource

software engineering, data related services, SaaS Platform Solution View more

financial services, banking, capital markets

Indirect Taxation - Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 7-9 yrs

corporate tax, gst, law interpretation View more

Sr Specialist, AR

Pune 5-10 yrs

accounting, communication skills, soa View more

Product Manager

Hyderabad 5-12 yrs

A/B Testing, Product Management

Data Expert

Gurugram 11-15 yrs

sql, tsql, plsql View more

Business Consultant

Pune 7-12 yrs

governance, stakeholder management, procurement

Apps Systems Engineer 5

Bengaluru/Bangalore 6-10 yrs

banking, DDA, payments View more

plugins, machine learning, scikit View more

Manager – UX Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-5 yrs

design thinking, visual design, user experience design View more

Associate – Data Engineering & Technology

Gurugram/Gurgaon, Mumbai 4-7 yrs

analytics, statistical modeling, financial modeling View more

C++, Matlab, algorithmic design

Business Analyst

Pune 5-12 yrs

banking, financial services, ariba

Development Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 10-14 yrs

cloud technologies, arm, docker View more

Architect - Software Development

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-5 yrs

.NET, rest api, mvc architecture View more

big data, hadoop, java View more

Senior Software Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-7 yrs

javascript, html, css View more

automation testing, testing, white box testing View more

Associate – Compliance

Gurugram/Gurgaon 5-7 yrs

finance, compliance, asset management View more

ui design, ux design, wire framing

Technical Writer

Hyderabad 5-9 yrs

C++, java, html View more

Senior Platform Engineer

Hyderabad 4-5 yrs

java, spring, angular View more

Technical Product Owner

Bengaluru/Bangalore 5-9 yrs

agile, devops, jira View more

UI developer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 4-7 yrs

object oriented javascript, jquery, backbonejs View more

Manual and Automation Testing

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-4 yrs

manual testing, automation testing, sql View more

Senior Manager – UX Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 4-8 yrs

design thinking, visual design, wireframe View more

software development, software development life cycle, software development methodologies View more

Principal Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 9-15 yrs

artificial intelligence, machine learning, Automation Framework Development View more

Project Manager

Mumbai 10-14 yrs

project management, pmp certified, PgMP View more

UI Engineering

Hyderabad 3-6 yrs

html, css javascript, front end developers View more

Senior Software Engineer

Bengaluru 2-6 yrs

java, data structure, algorithms View more

Solution Architect

Hyderabad 10-15 yrs

agile, xp, architectural function View more


Gurugram/Gurgaon, Mumbai 4-8 yrs

java, j2ee, generics View more

Liner Accountant

Pune 3-7 yrs

finance, tax record validation, chartered accountant View more

finance, accounting process, cost validation View more

Software Engineer II

Bengaluru/Bangalore 3-6 yrs

python, unix, cron View more

Technical Lead – C++

Mumbai 8-12 yrs

software development, system engineering, linux View more

itil, ip telephony, Cisco QoS View more

Analytics Analyst

Gurugram 2-6 yrs

data manipulation, data cleansing, data matching View more

nosql, jsondb, vertica View more

Proxy/Datapath Engineer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-12 yrs

http, https, proxy View more

Power BI developer

Bengaluru 4-6 yrs

power bi, sql, dashboard

finance, data analytics, auditing

C++, design patterns, tcpandip View more

sales, Strategic account planning, customer facing roles View more

Java, python, data structures View more

User Experience designer

Hyderabad 5-12 yrs

wire framing, ux design, interaction design View more

.NET, c#, vb View more

risk assessment, risk management, audit

incident management, problem management, jira View more

Architect - Software Development

Bengaluru/Bangalore 8-12 yrs

data structures, algorithms, os View more

Software Engineering Manager

Delhi NCR 10-14 yrs

java, j2ee, spring View more

developers, Full stack, java View more

chartered accountant, ACCA, CPA View more

Senior Analyst- Data Analytics (DE)

Gurugram/Chennai 4-8 yrs

python, scada, sql View more

analytical skills, business administration, mathematics View more

sql, tsql, psql View more

Data Scientist

Hyderabad 2-6 yrs

relational data sources, flat files, csv View more

data center, network, cisco call manager View more

Key Accounts Manager

Bengaluru/Bangalore 3-5 yrs

sales, key account handling, planning View more

Project Analyst

Gurgaon/Gurugram 2-5 yrs

project management, program management, business case diligence View more

Test Analyst

Gurugram 3-5 yrs

testing, good communication skills, team player View more

ab initio, sql tuning, SQL optimization View more

Architect - Research

Hyderabad 11-15 yrs

Big Data Architect, nosql, kafka View more

Business Analyst

Pune 8-14 yrs

business analyst, credit analysis, market risk

Assistant Manager –UI Developer

Bengaluru/Bangalore 2-5 yrs

nodejs, java, python View more

java, ui, web services View more

Associate Director

Hyderabad 15-20 yrs

customer success, enterprise architecture, BI View more

.Net Developer

Bengaluru 5-8 yrs

angular 2, reactjs, html 5 View more

etl tools, plugins

automation, nunit, C++ View more

Senior Engineer (Global Hydraulics)

Mumbai/Coimbatore / Other Location 6-8 yrs

hydraulics, hydraulic design, hydraulic systems View more

QA Engineer– Dynamic Media

Bengaluru/Bangalore 1-3 yrs

software quality, product testing, server side programming View more

Automation Testing

Bengaluru 5-8 yrs

test automation, selenium, ruby View more

java, mockito, wiremock View more

Senior Software Engineer

Hyderabad 3-6 yrs

java development, data architecture, algorithms View more

Senior UX Designer

Bengaluru 5-8 yrs

user interaction design, design disciplines, prototyping View more

C#, C++, pos solutions View more

Relationship Manager

Bengaluru 3-10 yrs

relationship management, travel sector, luxury sector View more

python, scala, sql View more

Field Based Account Manager

Bengaluru,Chennai,Ahmedabad,Pune 5-7 yrs

business acquisition, customer needs, business model View more