We help you achieve your diversity and inclusion goals.

Diversity ignites Creativity, Innovation, and Problem solving

Companies with diverse teams are 70% more likely to enter new markets, 35% more likely to outperform non-diverse teams, and are likely to generate 25% more revenue than non-diverse teams. We leverage technology in our online and offline efforts to connect companies with deserving talent to meet their diversity and inclusion goals.

Key Platform Features

Digital D&I profile

With a Digital D&I profile, companies can use an array of articles, videos, pictures, infographics, and testimonials among others to showcase their commitment towards Diversity and Inclusion to potential hires. With this, Diverse candidates are introduced to a plethora of content that talks about the company’s culture, its mission, thereby helping them fully understand a company’s goal and their contribution that will help achieve it.

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Premium Database Access

Access our database of 2,00,000+ diverse profiles to source the right talent for the job. With our advanced search comb through intelligent and intricate filters that are customized from a D&I standpoint to discover relevant profiles with ease, unlike mainstream channels.

Flagship Events

Our flagship events envisage a platform for recruiters to meet and connect with diverse talent. Support our flagship events and leverage our offline presence to have meaningful conversations with talent and showcase your company’s initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce

Job Listing

List multiple job openings and target a diverse audience of over 2,00,000 lakh+ members, leverage intelligent search parameters to filter out relevant talent suitable for the job, and seamlessly manage applications and access previous communications at a single source.

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